Conference 2015: Participant

The Fourth NEC Conference, similar to its precursors, is an event that is not only international in character, but will include participants from a range of institutions: from government, parliaments, development organisations, multi-lateral and bi-lateral organisations, and voluntary evaluation organisations. In 2013, the conference had 160 participants from 63 countries. It is expected that in 2015 we will attract over 200 participants from over 75 countries. Participation in the conference will be by invitation only, but NEC and IDEAS participants will be able to take part in joint sessions without additional cost.

Considering that the primary focus of the conference is strengthening the evaluation systems and practices in UNDP programme countries, the participation will be largely from governments in developing countries. The participants will include representatives of national institutions responsible for conducting and commissioning evaluations, and policy makers who are users of evaluations. Measures will be taken to ensure there is adequate representation at the conference in terms of gender and diversity of countries and regions.

UNEG colleagues, UNDP senior management and selected capacity development, evaluation and governance experts will also be invited to attend and support the participation of Government officials and follow up of commitments after the conference.

A minimum of two and maximum of four participants from each country will be invited to attend the conference to ensure the sustainability of results and to engage a critical mass of actors to trigger changes at a country level. Furthermore, to enhance ownership and South-South cooperation in knowledge sharing and capacity exchange, the participating countries will be encouraged to finance the participation of their representatives and/or representatives from other countries, if possible. IEO also strongly suggests that each participating country appoint/sponsor a female staff member to participate in the meetings or an independent evaluator from their country to participate in the conferences and workshops.

Financial Support

For participants seeking financial support, depending on availability of funds, IEO may finance the participation of one governmental official per country, for up to 80 countries. For those participants supported by IEO, travel costs (economy class) and a partial daily subsistence allowance for the days of the NEC conference will be financed. However, more optimal cost-sharing arrangements will be proposed on a case-by-case basis to ensure ownership and sustainability of the partnership.

To apply for financial support, candidates must present an abstract proposal about the theme of the conference, based on the experience of his/her country and its status in terms of national evaluation capacity development. Additionally, the candidate must have two of the four criteria listed below:

(1) As an individual, have the potential to inform/influence change linked to national evaluation capacity in Government;
(2) Critical mass of interest in evaluation in the country;
(3) Government willing to co-finance participation costs, or the costs of another participant from the same or other country; or
(4) Track record of conducting, using or commissioning evaluations.

All participants are required to pay a registration fee of USD 450 that must be covered by the participant’s organization as a form of commitment, regardless of the participant receiving financial support from IEO.

Participants will also be encouraged to sign up for pre-conference workshops delivered jointly with IDEAS, for an additional charge. More information on pre-conference workshops, will be available on the conference website.