Key Outcomes of 2015

Seeded by thoughtful plenary presentations, panels of government and VOPE representatives,
and engaging discussions in small groups, participants came up with 18 commitments
to further national evaluation capacities. These 18 commitments can be broadly clustered
around four key strategies that can help build national evaluation systems. Some commitments
may support multiple strategies.

The strategies include:
1. Promoting evaluation use through in-country and global advocacy;
2. Defining and strengthening evaluation process and methods;
3. Engaging existing and new stakeholders in exchanges and collaboration; and
4. Exploring options for different institutional structures for managing evaluation.

It is expected that UNDP partners, participants from the conference and other stakeholders
will engage in opportunities to exchange knowledge and discuss how national governments
and partners can cooperate under the aegis of South-South cooperation to implement these
18 commitments. UNDP is committed to developing and implementing a strategy to follow
up on and monitor efforts, cooperation agreements and results of national governments and
partners linked to these commitments and the International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear),

UNDP will also help to identify and follow up on potential cooperation among conference
participants and other interested parties. UNDP will link interested parties to potential
partners and its own internal programmatic units able to support South-South cooperation
initiatives to implement the commitments.

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