NEC 2013 Commitments

The 2013 Conference discussed solutions to challenges related to independence, credibility and use of evaluations. The Conference reached a breakthrough arriving at the 18 NEC commitmentsNvew to further national evaluation capacities, suggesting benchmarks and encouraging accountability by setting goals for the NEC journey.

During the 2013 Conference, the year 2015 was declared the International Year of Evaluation, helping to sustain the momentum generated and promote the pursuit of NEC commitments.  (See the published Proceedings from the 2013 Conference).

The 18 NEC commitments centred around four main strategies to build national evaluation capacities:

(1) Promote evaluation use through in-country and global advocacy;

(2) Define and strengthen evaluation processes and methods;

(3) Engage existing and new stakeholders in exchange and collaboration; and

(4) Explore options for different institutional structures for managing evaluations.